Along with treatment requirements, residents will also be required to obtain employment within 4 weeks of admission into the house. If a resident is not employed they are expected to be actively searching for work, involved in school or some type of training, or doing some type of volunteer work in the community.

The Butte SPIRIT Home cost of participation is $550/month, with an admission fee of $200. The first month’s fees are $750 total*, due upon admission and is the sole responsibility of the new resident, unless a 3rd party payee  is involved, or the resident has applied for sponsorship through the Butte SPIRIT Center. House fees will continue to be due one week in advance of the end of the month (the resident will be paying for the upcoming month.) Residents who cannot cover their house expenses because they are unemployed or there is an issue with a third-party payee are to bring this to the attention of Staff immediately so that we can create a repayment plan for you.

We provide all basic necessities. Everything from bills to bedding, from dishes to toilet paper.  During the first month, residents will be offered a meal plan providing 3 cafeteria style meals each day at an offsite location. Outside of that, residents are expected to provide their own food, clothing, and toiletries.

Average stay is 3-6 months

*financial assistance available, click to learn more