2021 End of Year Giving Campaign

"That's a big difference today, I want it so bad that I'm finally at the end of the road, where the change is coming and it's materializing because of my willingness to be open and honest about my thoughts and to trust others with them.”Butte SPIRIT Home Resident “I started drinking at an early age and became quite frequent with it in high school. It was fine for me back then, it was a way for me to escape feelings that I had from early childhood trauma. I was around 21 years old when I experimented with methamphetamine and my life was a roller coaster ever since that day. I committed a couple of pretty heinous crimes; armed robbery, strong armed robbery and felony forgeries.  [I was] careless, reckless, and using the same method with the dope, escaping reality, escaping feelings I never dealt with as a child. It was fun to begin with, turning into a very addictive habit that cost me freedom, cost me relationships, cost me a lot, and caused me mental, emotional, and ...

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